Yes! YOU are a writer!

When I speak with business owners and marketing managers the number one obstacle I come across when it comes to creating content for websites is: I’m not a writer!

The truth of the matter is that we are all writers. All of us, whether by writing or dictation, craft business letters every day. If you can write or dictate a business letter, you can create a blog post. Think of a blog post as a letter to a potential customer!

All you need to do is explain some aspect of your business, or tell a story about your business. It could anything, from an idea you had that solved a customer’s problem to a strategy you have developed for clarifying a customer’s needs.

Whatever aspect of your business you decide to write about, just make sure it is RELEVANT to what you do. Do not write about last week’s dinner date with your wife!

If you want to get started, begin with answering the question, “My business helped someone by doing…” And you are on your way to creating some great content!