The Text Rule

I thought of this as a creative way to talk to new clients about their web presence. Every time we begin the process of building a new site, the first remark from the client is invariably “The site will look good, right?” It gives me pause. Yes, of course the site will look good! However, that is not the question that clients should be asking, nor is it what they should be thinking about. The right question is “You will load up my site with good content, right?” This is what everyone should be thinking about!

I have distilled the concept down to a simple rule – call it “The Text Rule.” No matter what your site looks like, if it has great content it has a much better chance of making it to Number One. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want a site of just text and links, if they could be Number One? Number One gets traffic. Content gets you there, not design. No worries! We will continue to craft beautifully designed sites anyway!