Secure Certificates and SEO

Starting about three years ago, Google announced that it was going to start providing a “lightweight” boosting to sites that made their domain secure with an SSL certificate. Of course, the absolute king of ranking success is great content, and that will most likely never change. However, anything you can do on top of producing great content should be done.

Over the past few years, it seems that the relevance of this “lightweight” ranking boost has been increased and Google has said that it would continue to do so. So, how do you add an SSL certificate to your domain? The best way is to purchase one directly from your hosting provider. Once you have purchased your SSL certificate you can then have your developer install it and immediately begin receiving the benefits of a secure domain.

One other reason to add an SSL certificate to your domain – people who visit your site will have a boost in confidence when they see the green “lock” symbol in their browser’s address bar.