Inbound Marketing – It’s Not One-and-Done

I keep getting phone calls from clients who have declined to put up blogs. “I need to do something about my ranking.” I find it astonishing how many people believe that web developers are witch doctors who can conjure up ranking after performing on-site SEO. Yes! We DO help you with that! However, you really need to put effort in yourself. I do, too. All of us who have presences on the Internet must do our part to help our sites get to number one. It may be difficult to fathom, but you can no longer put up a site, even a site with very well done on-site SEO, and expect it to get to the top of the rankings. It is imperative that you now build social media as well – and blogs are the best place to start.

If you do not have a blog going, talk to us in Burlington, VT about getting a relevant blog started and relevant posts made. Make your work bear even more fruits. Build Facebook and Google+ pages as well and link them all to your site. Inbound Marketing, formerly known as SEO, is no longer “One-and-Done,” it is “Never Done.”