Social Media Continues to Gain Prominence

Everyone knows that you should have a website, have a blog, have Facebook and maybe even a Twitter account. Why? Isn’t it enough to just have your website? Well, perhaps five to ten years ago it was, but today it is imperative that you have social media. If you can get lots of likes and followers, so much the better!

There is a definite reason why Google, and other search engines, are increasingly factoring social media into their ranking algorithms. That reason is: Credibility. With so much on the Internet being spoofs, trolling or just downright misinformation, what’s a search engine to do to find the most relevant, credible results? If a search engine sees that you not only have a website, but a Facebook page, a Google Business page, a Twitter account, etc., all linked to your website, it will know that your business/organization is more serious and should be taken as a reliable source of information and products/services.

Please get in touch if you would like a review of your social media presence, or if you don’t have one at all and would like to get started!