The Text Rule

I thought of this as a creative way to talk to new clients about their web presence. Every time we begin the process of building a new site, the first remark from the client is invariably “The site will look good, right?” It gives me pause. Yes, of course the site will look good! However, that is not the question that clients should be asking, nor is it what they should be thinking about. The right question is “You will load up my site with good content, right?” This is what everyone should be thinking about!

I have distilled the concept down to a simple rule – call it “The Text Rule.” No matter what your site looks like, if it has great content it has a much better chance of making it to Number One. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want a site of just text and links, if they could be Number One? Number One gets traffic. Content gets you there, not design. No worries! We will continue to craft beautifully designed sites anyway!

Yes! YOU are a writer!

When I speak with business owners and marketing managers the number one obstacle I come across when it comes to creating content for websites is: I’m not a writer!

The truth of the matter is that we are all writers. All of us, whether by writing or dictation, craft business letters every day. If you can write or dictate a business letter, you can create a blog post. Think of a blog post as a letter to a potential customer!

All you need to do is explain some aspect of your business, or tell a story about your business. It could anything, from an idea you had that solved a customer’s problem to a strategy you have developed for clarifying a customer’s needs.

Whatever aspect of your business you decide to write about, just make sure it is RELEVANT to what you do. Do not write about last week’s dinner date with your wife!

If you want to get started, begin with answering the question, “My business helped someone by doing…” And you are on your way to creating some great content!

Be Wary of Monthly SEO Charges

I felt a need to write this post this morning because of a phenomenon that I constantly come across when talking with people about their websites: People are paying monthly SEO fees! First of all, anyone that uses the term “SEO” is already dating themselves. We’ve moved beyond that – way beyond that. SEO is only the tip of the iceberg which we now call Inbound Marketing. And what is the focus of Inbound Marketing? CONTENT! Yes, CONTENT is what you should be MOST concerned about when it comes to getting found and ranked by the search engines. Of course, it is always best to have your site coded correctly with old-school SEO tactics, but those alone are really not going to give you the lift or “Google Juice” you need to get you to the top. So, if anyone or any firm is charging you a monthly fee for SEO, make sure they know your business and are posting at least one to two relevant blog entries a week on your site. If they are charging you for on-site coding, fire them immediately. On-site coding for the search engines should be done, but only rarely and correctly. Save yourself some money and get yourself ranked. Contact us about developing a plan to get yourself found and ranked by the major (i.e. Google) search engines.