Facebook Advertising – A Cost Effective Alternative

Most businesses enjoy good results from paid advertising on search engines. Of course, the Gold Standard for search engine advertising has always been and probably always will be Google AdWords. However, there are an increasing number of significantly less expensive alternatives worth considering. One of our favorites is Facebook advertising. For sometimes a tenth of the per click cost you can reach a qualified, educated and interested audience for your business. Facebook places its ads on mobile devices based on the user’s likes, timeline posts, group memberships and more. You are virtually certain to reach people who are looking for your products and services. Please give us a call to talk about starting a Facebook advertising campaign.

Welcome To Our New Site!

The web changes quickly, and so do we. Welcome to our new web presence. If you’d like to know about the inspiration behind the new look, it is taken from one of the current schools of design: Flat Design. With the minimal emphasis on non-essential elements and the highlighting of navigation and important information, Flat Design is a wonderful new gateway to delivering the content you have to the audience you want in one of the most concise ways possible. Talk to us about how we can help you make your site more concise, more relevant and more found.