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Your Website

what it should be doing for you

You want your Website to generate leads, provide information, sell product and close deals. The best way to accomplish this is to fill your site with high quality, relevant content. Of course, having a great design focused on intuitive navigation will help your visitors find what they are seeking and give your business the credibility you deserve.

Your Content

why we need to write well and often

You’ve heard the buzzword over and over. You know you have it on your site and maybe you are aware of its importance. However, most of us don’t realize that having great content on your site is simply not enough. You need great content created and posted weekly. Keep yourself current, let the world know why it needs you.

Your Connections

why we need social media and links

Nobody – except certain folks who work at Google – knows what Google does exactly to rank their search engine’s results. However, it can be safely assumed that Social Media and Backlinks play a major role in determining who’s on top. And these factors make sense. The more you are shared and linked, the more you matter.